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    Ocracoke Summer Fruit Smoothie
A refreshing recipe for warm weather
Chef Buffy Warner
Howard?s Pub


Drain fruit , reserving 1 cup of syrup or juice.
In blender or food processor,puree fruit with reserved syrup and lemon juice.
Add ice cream in small chunks.
Puree just until smooth and frosty.
Serve immediately in tall glass with straw
*Note:choose packing syrup or juice depending upon how sweet you like your desserts .
Serve 6 to 8
NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION PER SERVING:158 calories;4g fat;26mg cholesterol; 24mg sodium;32g carbohydrates;2g fiber;2g protein
2 cans(1 pound each)of any of the following fruits,in any combinations:sliced or halved apricots,peaches,pears, pineapple chunks or fruit cocktail,packed in light or heavy syrup or juice*
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
1 pint vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt or fruit sherbet

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